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The Abandoned Towers of Bone are interior growths within the mantles of the Swarmstar.


strangely enough, some of the swarmstar's mantles happen to have tumor-like growths along their upper sides in the shape of large towers. Referred to by their human inhabitants as the "towers of bone", despite them not really being made of bone, they appear to be otherwise engineered in a way from them to intentionally grow from flesh of a mantle's surface so as to serve as shelter for creatures. While some were grown with humanoids or eve humans in mind, others weren't, with their engineers still remaining a mystery. Similar to ruins found elsewhere within the swarmstar, the towers of bone can be found in places devoid of other filaments. Designed to be made out of the same flesh from which they sprout, the towers of bone are made with materials that are quite familiar to residents of the hanging cities. So much so that bone miners, in particular, can cut right though it and dismantle parts of the towers with great skill.

Within these towers lie the usual treasures that could otherwise be found amid other ruins throughout the swarmstar, though sometimes other more stranger things lurk deeper within them, such as cyphers, artifacts and oddities of a more organic nature, or which used to be. Of these contraptions, there are typically ray projectors, bombs and handheld devices that look to be grown from the same flesh as the towers they reside within. One common device that can be found in practically any tower of bone is a cypher known by swarmstar inhabitants as "spined spheres". [1]


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