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Aeon Priests

Aeon Priests are the clergy of the Order of Truth, but existed before the foundation of the organisation by Calaval. They have knowledge regarding numenera and believe in universal scientific laws. The people often call the knowledge and abilities of an Aeon Priest "magic".

In the Steadfast, the Aeon Priests have a hierarchy headed by the Amber Pope.

Aeon Priests of the Beyond are not linked by any kind of organized network. They do not answer to the Amber Pope. Instead, they dwell in sequestered claves. Around these claves, small villages and communities known as aldeia have arisen. Each clave has discovered and mastered various bits of numenera, giving every aldeia its own distinct identity. In one, the inhabitants might raise unique bio-engineered beasts for food. In another, people may pilot gravity-defying gliders and race along the rooftops of ancient ruins. In still another aldeia, the priests in the clave may have developed the means to stop aging almost entirely, making the residents immortal and willing to sell their secret – for an incredibly high price. Because the villages are remote and separated by dangerous distances, trade of these discoveries is rare and haphazard.