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The Amber Monolith was an impossibly tall obelisk tearing the sky and floating above the ground in the Plain of the Brick. Yellow-reddish light from the tired and old sun reflected in its angles, high from ruined plain.

Despite eons have passed, machinery in the obelisk nucleus continue resounding, plenty of energy. Rings can be observed spinning around the device, turning with a supernatural accuracy. Brown yellowish structure contrasted with inner silver metallic gadget.

Obelisk had a pointed top and bottom, but center was a huge articulated dispositive, with rings that continuosly were spinning, orbiting around in twisted but extraordinary precise angles.

The nearest human settlement was Cloudridge.

Mechanical obelisk noise that produced strangle any sound near it.

At the bottom of the floating obelisk could be seen a metallic scuttle.

Heart of the machine[]

Inside, every surface (walls and floors) of the obelisk lightly vibrated with a continous and syncronized rythm between outer rings spinning. Same air seemed shaking lightly at same way. At the top, several tones of ambarine light so dim a person cannot see correctly. A combination of tunnels which circulated between great and understandable machines. Or could be this machines become part of a greater machinery. This tunnels have plenty hollow pipes and wired tubes. Some of these were broken and pointed edges.

It has twenty three levels until arriving heart of the monolith. At this level a bright cilinder with seven metres wide and 10 meters high floated. This shiny and vibrant cylinder has blue metallic surface emited white and blue light. It was no directly connected to machinery but using invisible force fields.

Vicious and suffocating air was innside. Hot temperature and plenty humidity.

If somebody could activate and enter into the cilynder could be teletransported to old citadel created aeons before by inhuman hands and floating in the blue sky.

Monolith Guardian[]

A guardian was indoor. Metal, flesh and wires defined a frightening and simian silhouette. Tangled fur shaked aorund, as if every lock has own life and searched something to catch. White eyes over wide snout, plenty of symbols go across side to side. It howled a frightening way that freeze blood. It smelled as musk and lubricant mixed.

Wide thorax with metallic plates and fleshly parts joined in a melting-pot. Construction of this machine was not beatiful, fragile or elegant. Even its organic parts doesn't seem natural relationship. Its capillary tendrils shake themselves by its body, finishing tiny jaws that were opening and closing.

Brilliant modules in creature eyes give same light as a little torch.


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