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Astaria is a city that lies within the Divided Seas region.


Located along the Imoros Strait, Astaria is a place of wonder and darkness.

In the position of power is Ormakal the Mind, a disembodied mechanical head who trails a series of wires and cords from his neck when he's not plugged into the giant pillar in the center of town. Ormakal has the ability to encourage others to do his work for him without most people ever realizing it. Those who discover his secret either keep quiet or they're made quiet my Ormakal's regiment of loyal worshippers and watchdogs, men of dubious intent who call themselves hivers.

Under Ormakal's rule, the inhabitants of Astaria have devised a way to use osmotic power - the energy that becomes available from the difference in salt concentration - to supply their leader with the huge amount of energy he needs to function. They've built a large membrane across the strait that's porous to water and salt, but nothing else. Those who wish to cross through the strait may do so for a cost, but they'll probably have to wait because the membrane opens for passing ships and water transports only once each day.[1]


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