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Auspar is the capital city of the kingdom of Thaemor.


Auspar, located on the the Wyr River, is the capital of Thaemor. What the the city lacks in population - only 20,000 of the kingdom's inhabitants live within its borders - it makes up for in height. Some call Auspar the City of Needles, for everywhere its skies are marked with tall, thin structures:buildings, columns, banner poles, public works of art, and more. Residents stretch long, slender cables form their roofs to the highest edges of the Dark Hills, hoping to join the fray.

They're not after any form of god, nor the sky and whatever might lie beyond it. It's just that the residents of Auspar feel a deep kin with their kingdom and believe as everyone looks down on them, so too should they return the favor. On any given day, you'll find residents climbing the needle-like structures, using ladders or anti-gravity belts or pneumatic devices, and finding or building perches from which they can literally look down on the kingdoms around them.

The Precipice is the tallest and thinnest buildingin Auspar. It begins as a rectangle large enough to encompass the leader's personal home and ruling offices, and it narrows as it rises, becoming more and more useless as the structure grows thinner and thinner. Every year, Holiva pays someone to add another length to the Top of the Precipice. These days, it's dangerous work, and most who take the job know that it's a suicide mission. Holiva doesn't climb the Precipice (or any of the other needles of Auspar) himself and hasn't for years.[1]


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