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Beleazar and the Beast
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Quest data
LocationCircus Minor
Given ByBeleazar
RewardPsychic Guard

Beleazar and the Beast is a side quest in Torment: Tides of Numenera.


An Aeon Priest named Beleazar wants to "steal" a nychthemeron from its cage in Circus Minor. He intends to teleport the creature to another location so that it can be killed and dissected for study.


  • Talk to Beleazar about the beast caged in Circus Minor. He will ask you to affix a Teleport Nodule to the forcefield cage, so that he can have it teleported to the Reef of Fallen Worlds, where you will kill and dissect it for him. To do so, purchase an admission ticket from El-Jinto, then use Icon Speed small.png Speed (Quick Fingers, Lore: Machinery) to affix the device. Failure will result in Canadu confiscating the device, but you can still pull of the below-mentioned move. Aidan Sitabo in Cliff's Edge, Varrenoth in the Underbelly and Quijano del Toboso in the Caravanserai may be temporarily recruited to assist fighting the Nychthemeron.
  • The more interesting way to resolve this quest is to simply talk to El-Jinto, tell him about Beleazar's plans... Then ask the old scholar for his notes. You will be able to give them to Beleazar (who will be absolutely elated to receive them), and get the Psychic Guard.
  • Alternatively you can teleport the Nychthemeron away peacefully. During the main quest Fallen To Earth, before you complete the Clock puzzle, you can set all three clock fragments to the "underwater scene" and then smash the clock. This changes the daytime in Circus Minor to nighttime, allowing you to converse with the Nychthemeron, which will request that you affix the Teleport Nodule and allow it to teleport away. Doing this will allow you to acquire the Nychthemeron Defense reflection. Casmeen and Mimeon will not be pleased by the nighttime change however. Returning the nighttime to daytime requires using the Fractal Lattice (found on the machine to the north-east of Circus Minor) to repair the clock fragment you smashed.