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Black Riage
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Part ofNinth World

The Black Riage is a large mountain range within the Ninth World.


A great, dark mountian range that's the primary natural divison between the Steadfast and the Beyond, the Black Riage is a place of both difficulty and danger. The inhabitants of villges scattered throughout its expanse are trappers or herders of rock goats or similar creatures. A wide variety of abhuman tribes also dwell in the mountains, including margr, chirog, and sathosh, as well as stranger, rarer breeds.

Three main passes lead through the Black Riage, although other, secret passess exist also. The main routes - Tremble Pass, Cerdyn's Pass, and Garl Nave - offer caravans and travelers the means to cross the mountains with undue difficulty, although the paths are steep and sometimes narrow. In the winter, all three become very dangerous, and the southern two are almost certainly blocked, leving tremble pass as the only possible clear passage through the region.[1]

Points of Interest

Mount Zanlis


Empty Sanctum

Mencala Peak

Hidden Naresh

Titanic Ridge


Slant Milieu



Roots of the Mountain:

Far below Mt. Jaspar in the southern part of the range is a small subterranean civilization of bestial, almost apelike abhumans. Unlike most of their kind, they don't raid human settlements - in fact, they never leave their own unlit realm - but they're quite hostile to intruders, though. Rumor has it that these abhumans possess a powerful numenera device that restores health to those nearly dead and even gives life to those recently slain.

Rock Slide:

An avalanche in the mountains has completely cut off a small village from the rest of the world. The people there need food and medicine, but no one knows how to reach them.


Mystic Alignment:

At a certain spot in the northern part of the Black Riage, the mountain peaks - when seen from above - resemble the positions of the stars in the northern sky overhead. A skilled astronomer will tell you that the positioning isn't a precise match, but in twenty-three years, it will be.[2]


In the nearby town of Sun Passes By, it's possible to hire a mostly tame tetrahydra to fly you all the way to the lands of the east, to the town of Sagus Cliffs.

A nano made of cracked and stained synth wanders the Beyond, looking for something it calls "The Hungry City."[3]


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