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Bloom-flesh Belt
Bloom-flesh Belt.png
General data
TypeOrnament (Artifact)
EffectGrants Dimensional Superposition to the user
ValueIcon shins.png 495

Bloom-flesh Belt is an Ornament (Artifact) in Torment: Tides of Numenera.


Coty gave you this simple belt that he crafted under Sunderman's tutelage. Fashioned with great enthusiasm, but only rudimentary skills, it lacks the detailed craftsmanship of Sunderman's own handiwork, but is still sturdy and functional.

Closer inspection reveals that the Bloom-flesh was harvested from a Maw, and the belt retains some of the Maw's power. While wearing it, you can teleport within a limited range, and when you arrive at your destination, you'll be in partially out of phase for a short time.


The Vast Interior: Given to the player by Coty after completing Freedman and getting him an apprenticeship at Sundermun & Sundermun. Talking to Coty after completing the quest, he will tell you to that he is working on something for you and to come back later. Talk to Coty again after resting, and he will give you the Bloom-flesh Belt.