Numenera Wiki

Bonded items are powerful numenera artifacts that go in the two Bonded equipment slots on the Inventory screen, to the right of your character. When equipped, they fuse directly to your skeleton, nervous system, or organs, providing significant positive effects, but their invasive nature can also produce negative effects. The Concentration skill allows you to equip bonded items without suffering the negative effects: Trained gives you one free of charge and Specialist two.

You can equip up to 2 Bonded items at once. If your Concentration Skill is at the Novice level, both items inflict their negative effects. If Trained, you ignore the negative effects from the first item. If Specialized, you shrug off all negative effects from Bonded items. If your Skill level is Inability, one of your Bonded slots is locked until you improve the Concentration Skill.

List of bonded items[]

Item Effects Location
+1 Deception
+2 Damage on Esotery attacks
-3 Resistance
+1 Stealth
+2 Damage on Esotery attacks
-1 Ranged Weapons
+1 Lore: Machinery, Lore: Natural
+2 Damage on Esotery attacks,
+1 Damage per Effort applied, Max +8
-1 Persuasion
-3 Initiative
+1 Perception
Immune to Dazed and Blinded fettles
-1 Stealth
  • Reward for completing Shaky Foundations without agreeing to a tribute of numenera to the sticha.
+10 Health
+1 Icon Might small.png Might
+1 damage per Effort applied (max +6 on Esotery attacks)

-2 Icon Speed small.png Speed

  • Quest reward for completing Hidden Enemy by snitching on the sticha to Lord Vuntgen.
Only usable by Rhin
+50% Movement Speed
+2 Icon Speed small.png Speed
+1 damage per Effort applied, Max +6 on Esotery attacks
-2 Icon Might small.png Might
+2 Icon Resistance.png Resistance
+1 damage per Effort, max +6 on Esotery attacks
Grants Bao ability (target is Blinded)
-2 Icon Intellect small.png Intellect
+2 Icon Intellect small.png Intellect
+1 damage per effort applied, max +6 for Esotery attacks
-1 Icon Intellect small.png Intellect Edge
+1 Intimidation
+3 Damage
-1 Icon Intellect small.png Intellect edge