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Broken Hearts
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Quest data
LocationMemovira's CourtyardLittle NihlieshShrine of Great Chila
Given ByDracogen
Reward25 XP

Broken Hearts is a quest in Torment: Tides of Numenera.


Tybir's past is waiting for him in the predatory darkness of the Bloom. Dracogen returned a ring to Tybir that may help him sense where his old lover, Auvigne, is hiding. If I speak to Tybir, he should be able to guide me.


  • Talk to Tybir to learn about the properties of the ring after receiving the quest from Dracogen while he is in the party. Travel to Little Nihliesh and ask Tybir to use the ring.
  • Talk to Crimper, ask him about the ring.
  • Travel to the Shrine of Great Chila and talk to the moose-headed fellow, Ragmin. It turns out... Ragmin killed Auvigne after Tybir's lover took a singing box from his house, bring misery to his sick daughter.
  • You can choose to let Tybir murder Ragmin in cold blood, orphaning his daughter, or stop him. If you stop him with Icon Might small.png Might, he will realize that Dracogen set everything up to punish him.
  • Return to Dracogen. Tybir will confront Dracogen... Who will reveal what Tybir did to his lover. His betrayal. What you say next will define Tybir's ending.