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Buried Crossroads
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General data
Part ofSagus Cliffs
Connects toSticha Lair
QuestsThe Cold, Calculating Jack
Ashen Imitation
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Buried Crossroads is a location in Torment: Tides of Numenera.


Welcome to the secret lair of the Changing God, where ancient machines hum with sinister energies. Take care what you interact with...

Points of interest[]

  • The central array of mirrors is a fascinating item. Interacting with it can provide unexpected results. For instance:
    • The shivering lens releases Oom, which can be later found in The Calm and recruited as a party member.
    • The mirror where the castoff has a red band around their neck will kill you, just like that.
    • The purple glow mirror teleports you to the clock in Circus Minor (one-way).
    • The small oval mirror is very important, allowing you to procure the Bronze Sphere. Follow the reflection, look at your hands, then pluck out the object to acquire it.
    • The large central mirror will spawn five Abykos around you. Not recommended.
    • Determining the purpose of the tiny lenses will give you +1 to the Icon Intellect small.png Intellect, Icon Might small.png Might or Icon Speed small.png Speed pool, depending on your choice. (Requires Lore: Mystical at least Trained)
  • The large machine opposite the entrance is the Probability Machine you need to shut down during Ashen Imitation. You cannot interact with it until you complete the fathom.
  • The chest by the machine contains loot: A Healing Sword, Stingcharge, Encephalic Rush, The Tome of Singing Thorns, and some shins.
  • The machine to the lower left requires you bring Callistege along. She will identify it as the Changing God's connection to the datasphere. You can use Icon Intellect small.png Intellect (Anamnesis) and you will acquire A Study in Datasphere Analysis. Callistege will ask to see it first. You can give it to her for a major loyalty boost.
  • The ladder by the entrance returns you to the lair.