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Calaval, next to his thuman Feddik

Calaval was a revered member of the Order of Truth, being its founder. He also established the Citadel of the Conduit.

Before he became the first Amber Pope, Calaval traveled with his thuman, Feddik, in search for numenera. He believed that those devices, if properly used, can help build a better future. That belief was latter the foundation of the Order of Truth.

His titles were High Father and Amber Pope. Knowledge in numemera obtained when he was teletransported to old floating citadel became greater Aeon Priest, the High Father and founder of the Order of Truth.

Is described his legendary intelligence (particularly its memory near perfect) and his great wisdom, thanks which he was prepared for contingencies that most people had not expected.

Doroa of the Silent Song, his grandniece, wrote his biography, the Sacred Chronicle of High Father Calaval.

His father was a farmer.


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