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A Castoff is a body built and used by the Changing God to extend his life, but later discarded in favor of another body.


Humans have always sought to leave a mark that will outlast them, a legacy. Some seek to create this legacy through their works, a virtual immortality. Fewer seek actual immortality, and fewer still come anywhere close to attaining it.

The man known as the Changing God is one of the latter. Long ago, he found a way to use the Tides to cheat death. He created bodies and transferred his consciousness into them, one after another, always searching for a way to attain true immortality. The bodies he left behind, these castoffs, were not empty. Once his mind left them, a new consciousness is born inside. A new person.

The first of these bodies the Changing God abandoned was a woman now known only as "The First". She and the Changing God were close for a time, working together to create a sanctuary for others of their kind: Miel Avest. Their partnership was not to last. The First eventually rebelled against her creator, rallying like-minded castoffs to her side. This was the beginning of the Endless Battle, a war between castoffs that has spanned centuries.

And yet the First and her followers are not the most dangerous of the Changing God’s enemies. Another creature hunts him and all of his children: a tireless, immortal, and seemingly unknowable force called the Sorrow.

Known Castoffs[]