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Where Castoffs are made

Character creation in Torment takes place over your stay at the Dark Fathom, following your landing at the Broken Dome. As the Last Castoff, you begin with five points in each of the stat pools (Might, Speed, and Intellect), no skills, no class, and 20 hit points.

Defining yourself[]

The Dark Fathom doubles as a creation phase, allowing you to express your character and define the descriptor and character type. While the game will suggest both once you interact with the mirror, you are free to choose and remake your character afterwards. The steps are defined below:

Character types[]

You first select from the three types available to you. Your choice defines your character's abilities, skills, and stat pools.

  • Glaives focus on Icon Might small.png Might and Icon Speed small.png Speed, as warriors. They receive training in weapon skills, but have very limited access to general exploration skills.
  • Jacks are flexible characters closest to the thief archetype, with a balanced stat pool and access to all exploration skills.
  • Nanos are mages best served by a high Intellect. They have access to exploration skills and magical abilities.

Stat pools[]

The three stat pools determine how you can apply Effort in the various tasks that stand before you in the Ninth World. As stated above:


Every character type has its own, unique set of abilities. During character creation you earn:

  • One or two abilities for free.
  • Select one from several unique Tier 1 abilities.


You choose various skills to help define your character. Notably:

  • Only Glaives receive weapon skills, but they can only select four other skills.
  • Jacks and Nanos can train in most exploration and lore skills.


Descriptors are packages of skills and small bonuses that help set your character apart from others of the same Type. They can be used to maximize your skill potential or earn skills your type normally does not have access to.


And with that, your character is almost complete and you awake at the Broken Dome, after cratering rather severely. The character creation will not be complete for a while, however. To reach the last stage, you need to enter Circus Minor and talk to Casmeen, then fix the clock (see Fallen To Earth) and choose one of three focuses:

  • Brandishes a Silver Tongue: You know the right thing to say in every situation. There is no obstacle that cannot be overcome with words. Adds Natural Charisma.
  • Breathes Shadow: You hide in the folds between dimensions, evading even the most watchful eye. Emerging, you rend reality and your enemies along with it. Adds Nocturnal and Surprise Attack.
  • Masters Defense: You study techniques to defend yourself and others, physically and mentally, in any situation. Adds Counterattack and Shield Master.