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Circles in Red
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Quest data
Given ByFulsome
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The Cold, Calculating Jack

Circles in Red is a side quest in Torment: Tides of Numenera.


A murderer is loose in Underbelly, the poorest and foulest ward in Sagus Cliffs. If the culprit isn't caught soon, more people are likely to die...


Notably, you do not want to rest while this quest is active, as the murderer after killing Wheedle will gradually kill characters in the Underbelly, starting with Crooked Qeek, then Manth Pa, before ending with Mechela, at which point the murderer is outed and you lose a merchant.
  • Talk to Fulsome and accept the quest. Ask his permission to inspect the crime scene and focus on it. Examine the hand to receive a note in your log book and then focus on the mark on the wall. Anamnesis allows you to recall a memory. You can force your mind to accept in its entirety, at a cost of 2 damage to your health pool.
  • Fulsome will also direct you to Matkina, so it looks like it's time to find her.
  • Talking to Matkina reveals that the sigil belongs to an offshoot of the Dendra O'Hur, the Children of the Endless Gate, and suggest you visit their chapel.
  • Head over there and interrogate Imbitu. He will present an impeccable alibi, suggesting that Kiyatawa, Mallet, or Gh'zei might be responsible. The Devourer of Wrongs, if present, will present an excellent alibi. Talk to each of the persons involved.
  • Gh'zei mentions that her philosophy includes consuming the entire victim and deflect to Mallet and Kiyatawa. When questioned about the Endless Gate, she will mention a memory of the sigils painted outside junkyards in the Bloom.
    • While there is no witness who can exonerate her, Mallet and herself will state that they consume their prey whole - down to the last drop of blood. The mess at the crime scene... Is a pretty strong argument.
  • Kiyatawa will state that Gh'zei, being monstrous, is more likely to have committed the deed. Both point to Mallet as especially capable of such an act. Kiyatawa will also explain that she did once find a corpse and ate it herself, alone... Except it was in Circus Minor.
    • You can go to the Circus and talk to Prata to learn that she was in the area. If you press the matter, she will reveal that she overheard her mutter something about a hollow circle - a red, hollow circle. Bad tidings for Kiyatawa.
  • Mallet will state he was getting drunk in the Manufactory, and he saw Kiyatawa hunched over the body. When pressed, he will reveal that he has eaten and killed one person since, a thief who crossed him. He did not repeat this again, he claims.
    • You can corroborate his story with the Master Foreman, giving him an alibi.
  • Return and talk to Fulsome. Name Kiyatawa as the murderer, however, it will turn out that she got away in time. You receive a reward regardless.