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Clock of Kala
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The Clock of Kala is an unusual mountain range with the form of a large ring, surrounding a region called Augur-Kala. To the inhabitants of the Steadfast, the Clock of Kala is considered beyond the Beyond.


This impossibly-tall, impassable mountain range makes a nearly perfect ring around Augur-Kala. Viewed from above, the range looks like a clock face, interrupted by one perfectly straight, wide pass called the Sheer. Aside from the Sheer, the height of the Clock itself is 30,000 feet (9,145 meters), but some peaks can reach even higher, and afford no passage. To travel over them would also prove difficult due to powerful storms that rage with a constant ferocity.[1]




Other Points of Interest[]

• The Sheer


Seeking Passage:[]

A mysterious trader seeks passage across the Clock of Kala without traveling through the Sheer. She offers any explorer his weight in shins (or the equivalent thereof in other valuables) to discover such a means.

Inverted Mountain:[]

On the eastern inner curve of the Clock of Kala is a mountain unlike the rest. Impossibly, the peak is narrow at the bottom yet wide at the top. Whether reinforced with an internal artificial structure or supported by gravity manipulation, the mountain is clearly a relic from a prior world. What other numenera-related secrets does it hold? No one knows.


An Eye Towards the Future:[]

A one-eyed woman has recently come down out of the peaks, claiming that she has found a still mountain pool of intelligent water that offered to take her to the future.

Good Hunting:[]

Small, rodent-like creatures called seterdins line inside the burrows throughout the Clock of Kala. Strangely, one in ten has a numenera implant in its brain. The implants seem to be inactive, but some people claim to be able to use them to create interesting cyphers.

Synth Rods:[]

Scattered around the Clock of Kala are blue synth rods, each about 10 in. long. When 2 rods are brought close to each other, they snap together, either lengthwise or forming a right angle. It would seem that if all the rods were brought together, they would then combine to form some kind of lattice or structure.[2]


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