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Map of The Cloudcrystal Skyfields


North of Steadfast and within The Beyond, lie The Cloudcrystal Skyfields. These lands comprise ever-growing crystalline shards of various sizes that drift slowly high above the plains. The ground of the plains, sometimes called the "Fallen Fields", is composed of the remnants of previous shards that have fell. Opinions vary among people of the Ninth World on whether this wasteland is a holy land where important rituals can be conducted, or an inhospitable and dangerous wasteland to be avoided. Despite its reputation as a wasteland, The Cloudcrystal Skyfields contains some aldeias and the city of Uxphon [1].

Points of Interest[]


Gaian Spies:[]

By order of the Amber Pope himself, the Order of Truth has declared that any spies of the Gaian forces residing throughout the Skyfields will be put to death. Any proof given to the local aeon priests will earn special dispensations to the bounty hunter, in question.

Ritual Escorts:[]

A certain company of theurgists are in the market for bodyguards during a journey into the Skyfields, in the hopes that they may be able to perform a ritual under the crystals in peace. Unfortunately, something within their possession seems to draws strange and even hostile creatures into their vicinity.

Crystal Prospector:[]

An elderly woman by the name of Filloria Dram is trying to harvest portions from one of the floating crystals within the Skyfields. Though she currently wields a deflated hot air balloon in the back of her wagon, she still looks for help from anyone as to better procuring the crystal, no matter the challenges that come with harvesting it.


The Garden of Jirzeem:[]

Approximately 150 miles north of the Navarene border lies a large garden of beautiful, blossoming flowers and bushes, alongside long-limbed trees. Despite its consistently great condition, no one appears to be tending to it.

The Wizard:[]

Traversing the lands beneath the Skyfields on a floating rug is a mysterious being by the name of d'Ambersh. It drapes itself in flowing robes with a distinctly pointed hood. Surrounding it are tiny creatures, some of which are winged, that it refers to as its "homunculi".

The Ghost Mountain:[]

An enormous peak shrouded in mist presumably lies near the very center of the Skyfields. While many have claimed to never spot it, others truthfully say they have countless times. [2]


The land located below the Skyfields is otherwise known as the Fallen Fields, in the event it requires distinction. Though, usually, the entire region is referred to as the Cloudcrystal Skyfields. [3]

Chirog raiders from this region often try to steal machines and other pieces of technology from people, supposedly suggesting the construction or repair of something deep within the desert.[4]


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