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Crippled Foreman
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QuestsForeman's Brood

Crippled Foreman is a character in Torment: Tides of Numenera.


One of the Foremen lies in a corner of the manufactory, partially collapsed - much of its lower body is gone, and it no longer assists the work of its fellows. Segments of this bisected construct's legs lie scattered around it. The larger construct's turquoise eyes flicker out of sync with each other as they turn towards you.

The Crippled Foreman is surrounded by tiny constructs that were made from the metal and synth of its own body. Someone has painstakingly altered these pieces, giving them small limbs and tiny metallic heads. Nonetheless, they aren't moving. They are motionless and 'dead.' This Foreman has developed an urge to procreate - it has been repurposing parts of its own body to create little synth-and-metal children. Unfortunately, its children have been dying after only a short time.

The Crippled Foreman has determined that it needs to sacrifice its own life in order to transfer its energy to its 'young,' which is the only way to give them life. Unfortunately (from its perspective), it has been unable to do so, and it asks for the player's help.


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This character starts quests.

Foreman's Brood


  • Foreman's Brood: He asks you to help him die, so that his children may live.