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Dark Fathom
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Connects toThe Calm
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Dark Fathom is a location in Torment: Tides of Numenera.


The first location you explore after landing on the Ninth World, the Dark Fathom is both a tutorial and an integral part of the character creation process.

Points of interest[]

  • You start at the heart of the fathom, surrounded by darkness. Click to move and then interact with the bowl to be introduced to Effort mechanics. It's a simple Icon Might small.png Might test that will illuminate the chamber with white (success) or red (failure) light and unlock the path further.
  • Interact with the glowing orb to regain a memory. Memories in the Dark Fathom focus on fleshing out the Last Castoff's personality and determine the initial Descriptor (which you can change after reaching the exit mirror).
  • The next orb is by the sealed doors and focuses on the building of a new shelter in a previous life, once again fleshing out your character
  • The last orb is a memory of a city under attack and your efforts to defend it.
  • Interact with the mirror. It will allow you to choose between several doppelgangers (determined by the choices made while interacting with the three orbs). The game will then suggest you one of three character types and a descriptor.
  • Once you are done with character creation, you move on to the final stage of the tutorial.