LocationMemovira's Courtyard
Little Nihliesh
QuestsTwice the Trouble

Delny is a character in Torment: Tides of Numenera.


With the glamour removed from her, you can see Delny for who she truly is - a young mutant woman, slender, her light blue skin accentuated by her bright pink hair. Her features are still sharp, but she still has the softness of youth about her. Her voice is light but sincere.

Delya was born in Nihliesh, and her parents were good people. She learned the walkways of the Second Tier by heart. That's how she discovered the portal to the Bloom. She kept seeing the traders who came back from here, and they always had such interesting wares! One day she snuck after them... But that was the day that Bloom closed its pathway to my home. She used to think it was her fault, but the Bloom doesn't seem to care.

She fell into Vrung's hands after being intrigued by his mystique and ambition, becoming his unwitting thrall. After all, a girl had tomake a living in the Bloom...


Torment Ability Icon 044.png This character starts quests.

Twice the Trouble


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