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Descriptors are packages of skills and small bonuses that help set your character apart from others of the same Type. Your Descriptor is a short statement that defines a character’s personality, such as “Wrathful” or “Intelligent”. There are a large number to choose from, and they reflect what kind of person you will be.

In gameplay terms, Descriptors provide a number of benefits to statistics, Skills, and in some cases, special Abilities as well, but they also often come with penalties. Once selected, a character’s Descriptor cannot be changed.

List of descriptors available in Torment[]

The following descriptors are available during character generation
Name Bonus Malus Descriptors
Cautious +1 Perception and Stealth -1 Initiative You are careful and meticulous, always aware of your surroundings.
Charming +1 Persuasion and Deception -15% Icon Willpower.png Willpower
-1 Icon Intellect small.png Intellect
You are a smooth-talker and a charmer, able to convince others to see things your way.
Clever +2 Icon Intellect small.png Intellect
+1 Deception
+15% Icon Willpower.png Willpower
-1 Lore: Mystical and Lore: Machinery You are quick-witted and a good judge of others. You can fool people but are rarely fooled yourself. You're not great at retaining trivial knowledge, however.
Graceful +2 Icon Speed small.png Speed
+1 Quick Fingers
-1 Smashing You are quick, lithe, and dexterous, able to move with grace and beauty.
Intelligent +2 Icon Intellect small.png Intellect
+1 Anamnesis
-1 Concentration You have a sharp memory and can grasp concepts that others struggle with... though you have a tendency toward distraction.
Learned +1 Icon Intellect small.png Intellect
+1 Lore: Natural, Lore: Machinery, and Healing
-1 Persuasion and Deception You are studious and know a great deal of information about many things. You have few social graces, however.
Mechanical +1 Lore: Machinery and Concentration -1 Deception You have a gift with machines and the technology of the ancients. You're not as good with people, though.
Mystical +1 Lore: Mystical and Cypher Use -1 Intimidation You have a gift with the numenera, especially the stranger powers of the ancients. You're not as good with people, though.
Observant +1 Perception and Concentration -1 Running You pay attention to the smallest details, noticing clues that others often miss.
Rugged +2 Icon Resistance.png Resistance
+1 Endurance and Lore: Natural
-1 Lore: Machinery and Deception You love nature and pitting your wits against the elements. You are tough, as befits a life in the wild. People and machines are something of a mystery, though.
Slick +1 Persuasion and Quick Fingers -1 Endurance You're a fast talker and a fast thinker. You're not the toughest around, but you can usually manipulate situations such that you don't need to be.
Stealthy +1 Light Weapons, Stealth, Deception -1 Initiative and Running You're sneaky and slippery, both in actions and words. You gain advantage through stealth, rather than speed.
Strong +3 Icon Might small.png Might
+1 Intimidation and Endurance
-2 Icon Intellect small.png Intellect
-1 Quick Fingers
You are physically powerful and have a presence to match. You aren't extremely deft or clever though.
Strong-willed +15% Icon Willpower.png Willpower
+1 Concentration and Intimidation
-1 Lore: Machinery and Perception You are willful, headstrong, and independent. You know that self-confidence is more important than facts.
Swift +2 Icon Speed small.png Speed
+1 Running
-1 Stealth Your top speed is unmatched. You may not be the most dexterous, but you're *fast*.
Tough +1 Icon Armor.png Armor
+1 Icon Resistance.png Resistance
+1 Endurance
-15% Icon Evasion.png Evasion You can take a lot of punishment, shrugging off blows that would down most people.
Wrathful +1 Heavy Weapons, Intimidation, and Smashing -1 Concentration and Stealth You are quick to anger and have the power to back that anger up.

List of all Descriptors[]