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Dhama of the Bloom
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LocationThe Fifth Eye
QuestsEyes of the Adversary

Dhama of the Bloom is a character in Torment: Tides of Numenera.


The wispy mustache on this pudgy, middle-aged man would be almost comical if it weren't for his deep and despairing eyes. They are the eyes of a man who has passed through the gates of alien hells and returned... though not necessarily whole. His fingers, tightly wrapped around some fine glassware, are strong and slim - a musician's fingers, or a strangler's.

Dhama leads a group of mercenaries. They have fought in a variety of conflicts, but they are all veterans of a true psychic war - a conflict that gripped Sagus Cliffs in the recent past, even if most of the cityfolk had no idea it was being waged.

According to Dhama, a malign group of beings emerged from the Bloom a few years ago, having passed through a Maw from some other world or dimension. They were beings of pure thought, and the psychics knew them only as the Adversaries. As soon as they arrived in Sagus Cliffs, they began to wreak havoc upon the minds of its citizens, inciting conflict, inflicting madness, and ruining lives.


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This character starts quests.

Eyes of the Adversary

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This character has other interactions.

Allowing him to inspect your mind will result in a permanent +1 Icon Intellect small.png Intellect


  • Eyes of the Adversary: Dhama asks you to track down the last adversary, who escaped from the battle in which he and his fellows managed to secure victory.

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