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Disciples of the Changing God
Casmeen and Mimeon.png
Quest data
LocationCircus Minor
Given ByCasmeen or Mimeon
Reward40 XP
Free resting at their camp
Related quests
Fallen To Earth
leads to:

Disciples of the Changing God is a side quest in Torment: Tides of Numenera.


In order to join the cult of the Changing God, I need to find a castoff who is currently unknown to the cult and reveal that person's identity to Casmeen and Mimeon. Casmeen and Mimeon didn't provide me with any leads, and they already know about a great many castoffs, so I should keep my eyes open for castoffs who have kept their identity a secret.


  • In order to join the cult, you cannot try and cheat Casmeen or Mimeon into thinking you are the Changing God. After completing the Clock Fathom, talk to them and ask about the beliefs of the Church, then the benefits, and finally express your wish to join.
  • They will accept you if you identify a castoff to the Cult, one they did not know about. You have two choices:
    • Tol Maguur. However, revealing her identity will cause her to leave the city permanently - together with Rhin, if she's dumped with her.
    • If you complete The Sorrow's Prey, you can provide them with Orseolo's name, doing nobody any harm.