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Disruption Blade
Torment Item Icon 136.png
TypeMelee Medium Artifact
Damage8 Physical damage
+4 damage per Effort, max +12
Confers Material Disruption (-3 Icon Armor.png Armor for 2 rounds) on hit
Uses Icon Speed small.png Speed
ShinsIcon shins.png 165

Disruption Blade is a Melee Medium Artifact weapon in Torment: Tides of Numenera.


This finely crafted longsword has lines of red energy running down the blade into an energy core in the weapon's crossguard, with words from an unknown language carved into the lines in tiny lettering. Whenever someone is struck by this weapon, the red core releases disruptive energies, destabilizing the enemy's protective garments.


  • The Gullet: Looted from a niche behind the Echoes in the first room.