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General data
RoleCrime boss
LocationMemovira's Courtyard
QuestsLost Loves
Dracogen's Price

Dracogen is a character in Torment: Tides of Numenera.


An earnest, gray-skinned non-human with a toothy smile. He is tall and wide across the shoulders, and exudes great strength. His hands terminate in long claws. The Bloom is controlled by a crime lord, the Memovira, who also determines who enters and leaves. Dracogen is an information broker, but he is trusted by everyone in the Bloom... and they also know not to cross him. Dracogen already knows that the player is a castoff from his tattoo. He also knows about the Sorrow, but he tells the player that the Sorrow can't get inside the Bloom... not yet, anyway. Dracogen has dealt with castoffs from the compound before. The castoffs gave him a Merecaster for safekeeping.

He'll give that Merecaster to the player - and also introduce the player to the Memovira, who has the other Merecasters - but only if the player does a service for him. He wants the Magmatic Annulet from a place called the Ascension. This bestows "Dracogen's Price." Dracogen tells the player that the portal leading to the Ascension can be accessed from a nearby Trade Post. (Player's first quest objective is to go to the Trade Post.)


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This character starts quests.

Lost Loves
Dracogen's Price


  • Dracogen's Price: Dracogen introduces himself, provides some information on the Bloom, and says he can get the player in to see the Memovira if the player fetches him a Magmatic Annulet from a place called the Ascension.

Behind the scenes[]

Dracogen is a character created by Steven Dengler, a super backer in the Torment: Tides of Numenera's Kickstarter campaign. His name appears in one of the opening screens of the game, before the menu.

Steven Dengler is a Canadian entrepreneur who was also involved as a super backer with a lot of other video games Kickstarter, like Pillars of Eternity, Wasteland 2 or Broken Age.