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Ecstasy Paralyzer
Torment Item Icon 297.png
TypeRanged Light Artifact
Damage10 Mental damage
+2 damage per Effort, max +10
Normal hits Daze targets (-15% Icon Willpower.png Willpower and attacks). Crits Stun.
Uses Icon Intellect small.png Intellect
ShinsIcon shins.png 516

Ecstasy Paralyzer is a Ranged Light Artifact weapon in Torment: Tides of Numenera.


The foot-long barrel of this device glows, alternating between different colors when active, and has an organic feel to it. When touched, you also notice it warms up quickly and a slight vibration can be felt. Hexagonal buttons sit behind a small screen on the top, allowing you to fire a blob of energy that affects the target's mind directly, filling them with overwhelming visions of pleasure. The grip and trigger seem to have been fitted on later, made from a dull grey metal, cold, with a few thick wires running from the top of the grip into the barrel. Despite the striking dissimilarity between the individual parts, the whole assembly is masterfully engineered, with a clear purpose in mind.