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Endless Battle Fathom
AR X6101 EndFathom EndlessBattle LoadingScreen.png
General data
Part ofThe Labyrinth
Connects toFirst's Fathom
QuestsThe Right To Exist

Endless Battle Fathom is a location in Torment: Tides of Numenera.


Points of interest[]

  • This entire area is filled with castoffs believing they are still fighting in the Endless Battle. Exactly who you encounter here can change depending on your choices earlier in the game, particularly in Miel Avest.
  • In the first area, you may encounter Raima, if she was not killed by the Sorrow.
    • Raima will fight you, though you can break her free of the illusion via conversation tasks during the fight. This takes Icon Speed small.png Speed (Quick Fingers) or Icon Intellect small.png Intellect (Persuasion, Lore: Mystical). Then you can use Icon Intellect small.png Intellect (Persuasion, Concentration), Icon Might small.png Might (Smashing), Tidal Surge, or lean on your mediation earlier.
    • If you solved the feud between Raima and Andronus in Miel Avest earlier in the game, she agrees to help you. Otherwise she and all of the enemies disappear when freed.
    • You will find a healing crystal where you will be able to perform a number of tasks. If you perform all of them, you can break all of the enemies free from the illusion.
  • In the second area, you may encounter Andronus. Similar to Raima, Andronus will be here and will fight you if he was not killed by the Sorrow in Miel Avest.
    • If Zerian and Bericael were not killed by the Sorrow in Memovira's Fortress, they also appear. Note that when the resonance chamber activates in the Memovira's Fortress, any castoffs still standing in ground covered by Sorrow fire are considered as being killed by the Sorrow, and since Bericael will attempt to engage enemies with melee attacks, she is likely to die in this manner.
  • If you settled the feud between him and Raima, then Andronus can be freed from his illusion in conversation. In that case, he allies with you.
  • Each pylon in the second area can be activated with an action. They stay active for a single round. If all three are active at the same time, they put the Stasis fettle on enemies within the bounds. This effect remains active, so you can also lure enemies from the third group into the field.
  • In the final area near the cave entrance, you may find Paj Rakken, provided she survived the Sorrow's attack on Memovira’s Fortress.
  • The cave door can be opened with several tasks. It also opens when the Chalcedon is killed or put in Stasis.
  • When the door opens, Paj runs inside and disappears. Reaching the cave entrance will finish the crisis.