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Endless Horror
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Quest data
LocationValley of Dead Heroes
Given ByBeltrex or Ronos Cai'sul
Reward40 XP
Impossible Blade
Enigmatic Sphere
Brace of Mighty Kalas'Tor
Related quests
The Caretaker's Riddle
Severed Child

Endless Horror is a quest in Torment: Tides of Numenera.


The Children of the Endless Gate have made a slaughterhouse of the Valley. The only way they'll leave is if I can close their Gate in the Necropolis, somehow. If the Gate's in the Necropolis, then the first step will be to find a way into the Necropolis tombs. The cultists have opened the Endless Gate somewhere in the Necropolis. I need to find it and figure out a way to close it.


  • Get into the Necropolis tombs to find the Endless Gate. To do so, enter the Necropolis Entrance and talk to Motley. Unless you attack, you can persuade him to give you access to the prisoners he has, starting The Caretaker's Riddle.
  • After you complete the quest and learn the access code, activate the console (Guni). Motley will approach with his cultists (if he's alive), the memorialists in tow. Once he praises you, you will be faced with the prospect of him killing the captives.
  • You can watch the scene unfold... Or intervene. You can either attack Motley, facing a difficult fight in a very confined space, or use Icon Might small.png Might (Intimidation, Deception) to make them leave the Necropolis. He will drop a Scrawled Note as he leaves, with the code 5143.
  • Make sure to complete Severed Child to have the Twisted Metal Merecaster with you.
  • Enter the Endless Gate Entrance (1254), and deal with the cultists in the tomb, if you need to.
  • Once you are ready, proceed through the Endless Gate. Note that past this point, you cannot dismiss party members (other than Oom) or return through the Gate until the quest is complete.
  • Proceed along the path and find Inifere in the northeast. He is accompanied by Kiyatawa and Quijano del Toboso, if you named the first as the murderer and the latter was encouraged to fight the Endless Gate cultists back in Sagus Cliffs.
  • From here, there are many possible ways the quest can play out.
    • You can end the conversation with Inifere by attacking him, or telling him you want to leave. Either will provoke him into attacking, and combat will begin.
    • You can talk to him to learn about , including asking him about Marcysa, Choi and Ronos. If you mention Choi, he will tell you what he did to her, and warn you not to bring her up again. Mentioning Choi by name again after this warning will make Inifere attack you.
    • You can try to convince him to close the Gate of his own accord and leave the Valley. In exchange, Inifere will ask you to interpret his dreams. If you agree, Inifere will describe various dreams he's had, and when you have provided interpretations for all of them, you can choose to use Persuasion, Intimidation or Deception. The difficulty of all of these options is affected by whether or not you killed the tormented flesh anchors on the way here; the more anchors you've killed, the more difficult the check will be.
      • On success, the Deception option will convince Inifere to close the Gate and leave the Valley. On failure, the conversation with Inifere will continue, but you will not be able to try to convince him again.
      • On success, the Intimidation option will convince Inifere to close the Gate and leave the Valley. On failure, it will provoke Inifere into attacking.
      • On success, the Persuasion option will convince Inifere to close the Gate and leave the Valley - but only if your interpretations of his dreams have encouraged him to close the Gate. Otherwise, even if the Persuasion check succeeds, Inifere will not close the Gate and the conversation will continue without allowing you to try to convince him again. This is similar to what happens if you fail the Persuasion check.
    • If you have the merecaster, he will recognize it, which will give you more options for dealing with Inifere.
      • You can claim that you have unlocked it, and use that to threaten him with Icon Might small.png Might (Intimidation). If you succeed, he will leave the Valley. If you fail, you will enrage him into attacking.
      • You can use Icon Intellect small.png Intellect (Persuasion) to convince him that you want to help him, so that he will unlock it. If you succeed, he will do so, which begins the merecaster sequence; if you fail, he will ignore you, and you will not be able to enter the mere. However, if you fail this persuasion check and Matkina is in the party, she will step in and convince Inifere by telling him what you did for her in Tash's mere.

Inifere's Mere[]

  • You will awake under the water, drowning. You can try to swim anywhere, but Inifere will fight you for control of his body. Note that from here on out, you can work to build trust with him, making it more likely that he will listen to you and do what you ask, or work to impose your will on him, leaving you in more control of his mind and body.
  • Eventually the body will drown, progressing you to the second part of the mere. Here, you meet Marcysa, the founder of the Cult. Succeeding on an Icon Intellect small.png Intellect (Anamnesis) check will uncover Inifere's belief that she is a hypocrite like him in regards to the teachings of the Cult.
  • Inifere will eventually spring out of bed and take the lead in an ambush meant to take down the Changing God. However, the Sorrow arrives instead, and begins massacring everyone. You can inform Inifere of what it is, study it, order an attack on it, convince him to spring the traps for his own good, or force him to spring the traps. Ultimately, however, nothing will work against the Sorrow, and as it slaughters the cultists, you either flee into a back room of your own volition, or are dragged into it by Marcysa.
  • At this point, there are several courses of action open to you, which will lead to the conclusion of the mere.
    • You can ask Inifere to give you the echo of Choi still in his mind.
      • If you have enough control over Inifere, you can force him to give it to you.
      • If Inifere trusts you enough, he will give Choi to you when you ask.
      • Otherwise, you will have to pass an Icon Intellect small.png Intellect (Anamnesis) check to take Choi from Inifere.
    • You can ask Marcysa about the Cult, and learn her true feelings about it. Insulting Marcysa and her beliefs here may cause her to turn on Inifere at the last second.
    • You can study the throne and ask Marcysa about it to learn that it is used to channel the power of the Endless Gate, which you can use to fight the Sorrow.
    • You can choose to escape at the first chance you get, which will ensure Inifere survives.
    • You can choose to confront the Sorrow by sitting on the throne and using its power with Marcysa's help.
      • Inifere does not want to do this, so you have to either force him to do it (if you have enough control of him), or convince him to do it (if he trusts you enough).
      • If you succeed in getting Inifere to sit on the throne, but you alienated Marcysa earlier, she will betray Inifere here by letting the Sorrow kill Inifere.
      • Otherwise, Inifere will activate the throne with Marcysa's help, driving off the Sorrow with its power.
    • You can choose to end Inifere's suffering by facing the Sorrow and letting it kill him.
      • Inifere does not want to do this, so you have to either force him to do it (if you have enough control of him), or convince him to do it (if he trusts you enough).
      • If you succeed in getting Inifere to face the Sorrow, it will kill Inifere.
    • Finally, you can just wait for the Sorrow to arrive, at which point the Gate will open and Inifere will try to escape.
      • If you alienated Marcysa earlier, she will betray Inifere and stop him from escaping, causing the Sorrow to kill him.
      • Otherwise, Inifere will escape through the Gate and survive.

At the conclusion of the mere:

  • If Inifere is still alive at the end of the mere, you will return to reality inside the Endless Gate.
    • You can ask Inifere to let you leave, or try to ask him more questions. Either will lead to combat with Inifere.
    • You can tell Inifere to close the Gate and leave the Valley, and he will always agree to do so, as you've been in his mere.
    • You can try to convince Inifere to kill himself to atone for his sins. If he trusts you as a result of your actions in the Mere, he will do so. Otherwise, he will attack you.
  • If Inifere died to the Sorrow, you have changed history through your actions in a mere once again, and you will return immediately to the Necropolis, as the Gate was never opened in this timeline.

Back from the Endless Gate[]

After you return from the Endless Gate, you'll be able to observe the consequences of the actions you took:

  • There will always be some shins, an oddity, and the Impossible Blade at the foot of where the Gate used to be.
  • If you killed Inifere in combat in the Endless Gate, persuaded him to close the Gate and leave the Valley, or convinced him to kill himself, he will show up as a reflection in the Labyrinth.
  • If you absorbed the echo of Choi from Inifere while in his mere, she will also show up as a reflection in the Labyrinth.
  • If Inifere died in the mere facing the Sorrow, you will emerge to find that what was once Marcysa's tomb is now Inifere's tomb.
  • If Inifere died because Marcysa betrayed him, she will be there when you emerge, visiting Inifere's tomb. You can talk to her to learn that she is the new leader of the Cult, and the current bearer of the Endless Gate.
  • If Quijano del Toboso was in the Endless Gate with you, he will emerge from the Gate with you, and comment on how things were resolved with Inifere - or be confused by why he was here in the first place, if you changed reality by making Inifere die in the mere.
  • If Callistege was in the party when you confronted Inifere in the Endless Gate, she will want to talk to you about what happened to Inifere.
  • If you did not alienate Ronos Cai'sul when you arrived in the Valley, you can return to him to conclude the quest and receive the Brace of Mighty Kalas'Tor.