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Eyes of the Adversary
Eyes of the ADversary.png
Quest data
LocationFifth Eye Tavern
Given ByDhama of the Bloom
Reward40 XP

Eyes of the Adversary is a side quest in Torment: Tides of Numenera.


A potentially dangerous entity may be lurking in the Fifth Eye tavern. Dhama of the Bloom called this entity an Adversary, a mind-eater. These malign beings were defeated in a psychic war by Dhama and his friends, but he believes that a single Adversary survived. He asked me to help him find and confront his old enemy.


  • Talk to Dhama and accept the quest. Go to the bar, talk to Feriok, get some of that experimental black ichor to quaff for 10 shins.
  • After drinking, walk over to the box by the psychic warriors to meet Malaise. Talk to him, then return to Dhama and point him out. The warriors will realize, in shock, that the Adversary has adapted - and propose fighting it. You can decide to let them at it (Dhama will die), assist them (Dhama may die), or handle it alone (Dhama won't die).
  • You will be transported to the Psychic Battlefield. The fight is difficult and you will be assisted by your fellow warriors. Focus on defeating the two large adversaries and it should be over in no time.
  • Be sure to talk to your fellow fighters to receive thanks and gifts!

Non-combat options[]

  • It is possible to avoid the fight entirely by resisting Malaise via a couple Effort checks. The words of Qra may help you with that.
  • First, Malaise will ask you three questions to determine the compatibility of your wills. You can use Effort or guess the right answer for each of the questions. Remember, the Malaise wants mayhem and destruction:
    • The first questions shows a world lit thanks to high technology. The appearance is deceptive, as these lights belong to unstable reactors about to devastate the world (Malaise desires that).
    • The second features a mob of hungry people trying to enter a storehouse protected by armed guards. The catch here is that the bunker contains the seed of the first adversary and if the mob reaches it, they will rise. Malaise obviously wants that.
    • The last shows the Sorrow about to kill a young woman with a castoff tattoo. Allowing her to be killed creates the very reality you struggle through and the Adversary desires.
  • The difficulty of defeating Malaise increases the more compatible you are. Merging or failing to resist will kill you permanently, so keep that in mind. Use the Words of Qra from Theoboros to make the fight easier.
  • Either way, the quest is completed.