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The character creation ends when you enter Circus Minor and talk to Casmeen, then fix the clock (see Fallen To Earth). You select a Focus, which grants you additional abilities regardless of your chosen Type, allowing you to tailor your character even further.

Unlike your Descriptor and Type, you will pick your Focus later into your journey. Your Focus provides you with an additional set of Abilities, and any character Type can pick any Focus. The companions you will encounter also have their own unique Foci exclusive to them. You can think of a Focus as an almost superhuman trait that makes your character stand out from the other explorers of the Ninth World. As you grow in experience you will unlock new Abilities unique to your Focus. Once you have selected your Focus, it cannot be changed.

Available focuses[]

  • Brandishes a Silver Tongue: You know the right thing to say in every situation. There is no obstacle that cannot be overcome with words. Adds Natural Charisma.
  • Breathes Shadow: You hide in the folds between dimensions, evading even the most watchful eye. Emerging, you rend reality and your enemies along with it. Adds Nocturnal and Surprise Attack.
  • Masters Defense: You study techniques to defend yourself and others, physically and mentally, in any situation. Adds Counterattack and Shield Master.