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Frictionless Merecaster
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General data
ValueIcon shins.png 501

Frictionless Merecaster is a piece of equipment in Torment: Tides of Numenera.


This spherical object is made of an unfamiliar gold-greenish metal. The object seems to be constantly moving, rotating in different directions, but when you hold it you cannot feel the slightest hint of friction. You feel the click and whirl of countless mechanisms moving within the device, generating an almost intolerable heat.



This merecaster can affect the life of Bericael Brunna and the Crisis at the end of Into the Depths.

Inside the Merecaster:

  1. How did the massacre at Miel Avest massacre happen? How did the shields come down?
    1. What are the Reconciler of Truth and Heaven's Rejoinder?
      1. [Raises Indigo Tide] I am ready to serve.
      2. [Raises Silver Tide] I am happy to do what you need, so long as there's opportunity for glory.
      3. [Raises Red Tide] I've heard enough. Just give me a chance to get vengeance for all this.

{work in progress by Ibhalfheart}

{resumed by HarlockHrk}

You'll be asked to either go to the White Nests (where the Chalcedon breeds his Stratharian war moths) or enter the reality storm to find the saboteur.

  1. If you select the White Nests, you'll be faced with an old style dungeon with a pen&paper map. Each intersection is trapped and you can either search (and then defuse the trap) or enter the room immediately (triggering the trap, either an explisive or a cypher energy bomb). You will acompanied by another castoff and his guard dogs which can (and will) absorb the impact of undefused bombs or jump at the (mortal) Stratharian war moths. If you can find your way to the exit (nort west) without dieing, you'll find that the Reconciler isn't there anymore (you can search three times, but it still won't appear). When you return to tell Lovac of your failure, you'll be greeted with success: your actions forced the Chalcedon to change the reality - welcome to the endless war, baby! The mere will move to the next step.
  2. It's more interesting to select the reality storm route. You'll have to follow the scent of some gauntlets jumping from a reality to another, however you have a limited number of jumps which, once consumed, will forever trap Berical in another reality. At every jump you'll know if you're on the right path (new shards will appear) or if you choose wrong (the scent will be fainter). You should be stranded at the 9th jump and you need 4, so you can do some mistakes.
    1. Starting reality
      1. Moonlit lake: useless
      2. Sunny canyon: OK, moves to the next step
      3. Storm of chaos: useless
    2. Sunny canyon
      1. Dark forest: useless
      2. Rolling farmland: useless
      3. Muddy battlefield: OK, moves to the next step
    3. Muddy battlefield
      1. Glimmering swamp: OK, moves to the next step
      2. Giant bonfires: useless
      3. Frantic battle: useless (you'll meet an army, no, two armies, of Bericaels fighting each other...)
    4. Glimmering swamp
      1. Gloomy battlefield: OK, moves to the final step
      2. Roaring arena: useless
      3. Grimy streets: useless
    5. Gloomy battlefield: from here you'll find the last jump and meet the saboteur Zerronth. You can attack him or you can listen to him to learn who was behind the Sorrow attack in Miel Avest.

After returning to Lovac, you'll move to the third step of the mere, going to the Bloom to join Paj Rakken and someone else. If you selected the reality storm route and listened to Zerronth you'll be able to use a dialog option that will make it easier to bring Paj and Bericael to your side once the Crisis at the end of Into the Depths starts.