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Fulsome is a character in Torment: Tides of Numenera.


This man towers over you, enormously fat and draped in gaudy robes. His expression is calm - stern, even - as he regards the bloody mess spread across the floor and wall. The hooded figures on either side of him tense as you approach. He turns to inspect you, eyebrow lifted, and raises his hand. His bodyguards relax, watching you. In the space of a second, his eyes flick over you. He nods, apparently to himself, as if your presence has confirmed something he expected.

Fulsome is the informal leader of the Underbelly, in his own words, a man who protects and defends the people living beneath Sagus Cliffs to the best of his ability. Whether he is a gang leader or a true man of the community largely depends on where your politics lie - and whether or not you crossed him. Fulsome recently lost one of his favorite proteges, splattered all over a corner of the Underbelly, and now wants vengeance.

He is calm, straightforward, frightening. He would order someone's death without raising his voice. Though he does not use contractions, he also stays away from ornate language. He does not waste words, but is not crude either. His thoughts would likely be clockwork things - bursts of pure insight combined with information he knows about the task at hand.


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This character starts quests.

Circles in Red


  • Circles in Red: Fulsome asks you to track down his protege's assassin. Fulsome has connected Matkina with 'work' before, and he thinks that she might be involved in this killing (she is, after all, the most dangerous assassin he knows), or she may at least know if there is another assassin operating in the Underbelly. He's suspicious of her because she's been acting pretty crazy lately.Unfortunately, he's not sure where she hides out, but he'll direct the player to Mapper, who may know.