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Glaive Start.png
General data
Stats+1 Icon Might small.png Might
+1 Icon Speed small.png Speed
+2 to distribute
+15 Health at Tier 1
+10 Health at later Tiers
Skills+1 weapon skill
+1 athletic skill at Tier 1
Abilities+1 ability per Tier

Glaive is one of the three base character types in Numenera that can be chosen during character creation.


Glaives are the elite warriors of the Ninth World, using weapons and armor to fight their enemies. Hunters, guardians, and soldiers could be glaives. Sometimes warlords, bandits, and even athletes are glaives. “Glaive” is a common slang term used almost everywhere for any person skilled with weapons or a martial art, but in truth, it applies only to the best of the best. Glaives are warriors who command abilities far beyond those of a typical person with a sword.

Most glaives are either strong - using the heaviest armor and weapons available and having a high Might - or fast, sticking with light or ranged weapons and armor and having a high Speed. Some don’t rely on weapons at all, preferring to use their bodies in hand-to-hand combat.


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