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Hidden Enemy
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Quest data
LocationCliff's Edge
Given ByLord Vuntgen
Reward40 XP
Second Skin (if you snitch on the sticha)

Hidden Enemy is a side quest in Torment: Tides of Numenera.


A rogue stichus is lurking in the district of Cliff's Edge. Lord Vuntgen has promised a reward to anyone who finds the creature and tells him where it is.


  • Ah yes, detective work. You can find the stichus in the south-east, beyond the Fifth Eye Tavern. It's small, undeveloped, and you can tell it's hardly going to be a threat to anyone. However, to communicate with it, you need something more than just talking, as sticha have a very peculiar language (assuming you don't just kill it in cold blood, you monster).
  • To communicate, you need Icon Intellect small.png Intellect (Anamnesis), to allow you to recall the memory where the Changing God communicated with the sticha freely. Otherwise, you need to talk to Avina to get the Interdimensional Puzzle Box.
  • The stichus will reveal that he was brought above ground by a man with a yellow skin. The only person matching that description is Lord Vuntgen himself. Head back to him to rat the poor stichus out or deal with the crooked politician.
    • While he will ignore your persuasion, bringing up his yovoki blood - a fact you can learn from Mother Temaz - will allow you to convince him to break off the hunt, and you can receive the Charmpaste Cypher by talking to Zebb. However, it will also mean that you won't be able to earn his support to get the city to take over Erritis' debt to Master Rennio.
    • If you do rat the stichus out, you will be able to get the Certificate of Indemnity, but you will be killing an innocent to achieve this. The Lord also throws in a Second Skin bonded artifact.
    • You can also head to the Underbelly and use Icon Intellect small.png Intellect (Persuasion) to convince Ch'kekt to save his kin. Critical failure of the persuasion will result in Ch'kekt offering a reward to kill the stitchus. If you succeed, he will appear in the Underbelly as an outcast. You receive nothing but the experience. edit: you can double dip and also earn a cool light ranged weapon.
    • If you have asked the Master Foreman to build a digging machine from the body of the dead stichus, you can instruct the Stichus Automaton to bring it to the Underbelly. This allows the player to collect the reward from Zebb, who does not realize that no other sticha will take the outcast in, without making an enemy of Lord Vuntgen. The future prospects of the outcast stichus seem low with this outcome, however, as it must beg for food in the Underbelly without the help of the children aboveground.