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General data
RoleCult leader
FactionsDendra O'Hur
LocationDendra O'Hur Chapel

Imbitu is a character in Torment: Tides of Numenera.


Imbitu is the leader of the Dendra O'Hur cultists in the Underbelly, presiding over the feasts where they consume the dead of the city. At first glance, it would be easy to assume that the old man is dying of some wasting disease... or starvation. He is little more than a too-tall skeleton wrapped in translucent flesh and a tattered robe. His hands are essentially bony claws. And yet... he beams at you, his sunken eyes glittering with suppressed laughter and feverish life.

In summary, Imbitu's what you might call a friendly lich who wants people to die soon in just the nicest way. People's horror about "cannibalism" just tickles him. He's not creepy; he's the equivalent of an advocate for organ donation. They aren't using it anymore, right? He can foretell the future in a numenera sense - his knowledge of the PC's long past and the world allows him to make stunning connections.

Imbitu is the nominal leader of the Dendra in Sagus Cliffs and speaks for the faction. He is old, gaunt, and looks like he's starving, but he has consumed countless corpses - and almost all of them were scholars, aeon priests, and nanos - so he has a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience at his disposal.


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This character is involved in quests.
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This character has other interactions.

If you happen to die, you will receive an unique interaction wherein you awake on the slab of the Dendra O'Hur about to be consumed. You can choose to wake up and startle them or get a bite in. In either case, they actually realize that you are alive before eating you.


Other interactions[]

  • The alternative method of meeting Imbitu, rather than just simply entering the chapel, allows you to be examined first. He will ask you for a small favor before you leave... Eating you. Satisfying the vore fetish nets you a moderate boost to the Blue Tide, Tybir's repulsed reaction, and a permanent -2 to your Health. The reward is Icon shins.png 50, a Viscera Sprig, and experience. He will also share visions with you, based on what he gleaned from your body.