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Ingwald is a settlement within the Black Riage.


At the far end of the Garl Nave, the southernmost pass of the Black Riage, crouches a modest-size town called Ingwald. Once the home of hunters and trappers that traverse the mountains to the west and the forest to the east, Ingwald is now better known as a town of cutthroats and thieves. The de facto ruler of Ingwald is a lattimor named Gravish-Morel, who commands a band of river pirates that operate on the Welbyway. Before Gravish-Morel and his scoundrels came to town, the community was run by Tarae, a rugged human woman who had worked a scout and a guide before accepting the mantle of leadership. No one knows where Tarae is now. The pirates and thieves have run things in Ingwald for more than a year.[1]


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