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"I observed from Yrkallak Tower and discerned the red an orange cloud cross far territories. With my spyglass I gaze formation of a hill with my spyglass, which it was no there before. Polyp framed trees rose at the top of the hill which moments after shaked and died. Farming lands which they were near would be transformed in a chaotic mixture of glass, greenish vapour and writhing snakes. An aneen tried escape from the Iron Wind which was bring closer. Its legs became tiny beating winds and fell to the ground. From its back sprouted thousand insect legs, but its head changed to copper

The Iron Wind is an expression which is designed in Ninth World to frightening clouds of dangerous nano-spirits (so called nanobots by scholars) dragged by strong winds. This nanobots are broken down machinery (in reallity they are driven crazy).

The Iron Wind is totally different from a sand storm. This wind could tear apart flesh and instantly alter the flesh and substance of everything they touch. Inside of the wind lived particles made from numenera, a cloud of rogue nano-spirits (ref. nanobots) so small than humans cannot see them. The Iron Wind is swifter than normal sand storm.

If any person would be trapped inside Iron Wind could listen thousand of millions little cries.

A Iron Wind storm twist ground, transform rocks in vapour clouds and create new orography lands coming from nowhere. Alas the poor living beings who being trapped inside it! Trees are altered in rocks, water basin or unrecognizable living and beating matter. The Iron Wind desintegrate creatures only for rebuild with crazy and apparently random forms. Flesh is tranformed in motionless matter, in fiber tendrils or even strange textures and configurations.

Nine of ten times, these transformations become lethal, creature in question dying (sometimes a painful and long death while trying adapt its new form).


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