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The Island of the Last Migration is a starfish-shaped island within the Western Seas of the Steadfast.


This island was once considered a beautiful paradise like no other and solely inhabited by a group of humans known as the Gutos clan. With extinct volcanoes, foliage of all sizes and colors, sparkling waterfalls, and local creatures beyond imagination. The Gutos clan would tattoo their descendants with the mark of their ancestors, as per their beliefs of all being descendants of a "world-child", usually taking the form of a handprint outline on one's shoulder.

Things changed, however, when, as also per their creed, they spoke of their home to others in the Steadfast, claiming that they were meant to share this elysian wonder with the rest of the world. These messengers, known as Gutonons, separated from their parent clan and spread the world to any and to all who would listen. Selling off bits of it to those with enough shins to their name, they claimed it was a place free of fear and disease, allowing the inhabitants to live forever. What followed was an island coated with tons of homes, businesses, and cities. With the influx of these new establishments came rapid deforestation, leaving whatever species that called them home either dead or dying. The once pristine waters soon ran afoul with black residue and filth. Eventually, civil broke out among the Gutos and the Gutonons, extending outward to envelop even newcomers to the island. What remained of their former paradise was a battlefield of blood and dirt, whose declining value drove its businesses to pack their bags up and leave. The Gutonons followed suit, having been practically cast out by their Gutos brethren and eventually assimilating into a much larger clan.

For the most part, all that's left to see are the decaying remnants of a desolate, collapsed society, filled with creeping vines, crawling critters, rusting machines, wild beasts, crumbling buildings, and otherwise empty cities. Yet slowly but surely, paradise is starting to once again return to the island, providing the surviving Gutos clan from deep within the island's heart a shread of hope for the future.[1]

People of Interest[]


Nneka is one of the potential leaders of the Gutos clan, despite already nearing adulthood and still not bearing the island's mark that she would otherwise receive from her grandmother. This is because, being among the generation that followed the great civil war between her peoples, she doesn't believe in the old traditions and has thus refused to be given the mark. Tomboyish in appearance with short hair dyed orange by the crushed wings of caterflies, Nneka dresses mainly in rags from the deceased she finds scattered about the nearby ruins. She'll often shirk her daily duties to explore the ruins, tending to know more of what's beyond the island than what's on at home. [2]


The survivor of the great civil war, Chelvin is a humanoid creature almost entirely mechanical in appearance designed to kill any that cross his path. He bears 4 long arms, each wielding a different kind of weapon, and a camouflage-seeking topcoat. Wandering around the island for a place he can call home, Chelvin's body otherwise appears to be constructed from a smooth, artificial, and nigh indestructible material. However, his mind is still plagued with the original orders he was given during the war, causing him sometimes attack any creature, without any hint of provocation. Other times, however, he may be able to assist anyone who comes his way. The only one capable of understanding and guiding Chelvin's enigmatic personality down the right path seems to be Nneka. Though rumors abound of the reverse being true and that the two of them are secretly plotting the demise of their homeland. [3]

Mabon Macabee[]

My work with the bees continues apace. Ever since I broke the code of their language dance, the queens seem willing to let me into their lives and work, and the others seem to respond well to the training regime I put them under.

We continue to work toward the future safety of the island, but the work is slow going sometimes. While the suit of armor has proved more difficult than expected - the bees accidentally sting me more often than I'd like - we have seen breakthroughs on training the drones to mimic my shape, creating a decoy. I am not sure of it's use yet. Although the children delight in seeing two of me, I hope it to have greater implications for the protection of both myself and the island. The Guton inquire as to why I feel the need to protect myself, but I do not have the language to tell them that I sense something wicked and wanting in my dreams. It taints even the taste of honey upon the tongue, and turns my thoughts of sweetness to those of stinging fear.

~ Journal entry from Mabon Macabee

An immigrant to the island who worked at one of the early factories of a settlement then referred to as "Guttentown". While others either dies or quickly left to avoid the chaos that would ensue, Mabon refused to leave, part of the reason being that the weather on the island seemed to soothe the aches in her joints. However, the main reason she insisted on staying was her discovery of a fairly large and surprisingly intelligent bee population, one that was nearly rendered extinct by rapid industrialization. Since then, she's become an avid student of their hives, advocating for their survival, and even building a home for herself out of materials scavenged from the honeycombs of their denser populations. It's quite normal sight to see her surround by the insects, so much so that they can cover body like some kind of armor, and even take on the shapes of the local fauna, much to the amusement of children. Despite the Guton clan's fear of bees, Mabon still seems to be on good terms with them and has even aided in the restoration of the island to its original state. Even though she's now been on the island for quite some time, her foreign origins have still made even the children brandish her with the nickname "From Far". Luckily, she far from minds it and will gladly introduce herself sometimes as "Fromfar Mabon".[4]


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