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Jack Start.png
General data
Stats+4 points to distribute
+10 Health at Tier 1
+7 Health at each later tier
Skills+1 exploration skill at each Tier
Abilities+2 abilities at Tier 1
+1 Ability per later Tier

A Jack is one of the three base character types in Numenera that can be chosen during character creation.


Jacks are intrepid explorers and adventurers. They are jacks of all trades - hence the name - although the word also hearkens back to fables involving a wily, resourceful hero who always seems to be named Jack. Used as a verb, “to jack” means to steal, to deceive, or to get out of a tight scrape through ingenuity or luck.

Jacks don’t use one skill or tactic exclusively; they use whatever weapons, armor, esoteries, or anything else that might help them. Jacks shine when they combine all of their tools. They are hunters (particularly treasure hunters), con artists, skalds, rogues, scouts, and experts in a variety of fields.


  • Flex Skill: +1 training level in the selected skill until rest.


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