Jaelyn DiMathe
File:Jaelyn DiMathe.png
General data
FactionsChildren of the Endless Gate
LocationNecropolis Entrance

Jaelyn DiMathe is a character in Torment: Tides of Numenera.


This alluring woman looks up, white hair brushing her shoulders. She allows a slight smile to pull at the corners of her mouth. Her face is... confusing, for though her skin has the tightness of youth, her eyes pierce you with the wisdom of a hundred years. She rests her hands on the daggers at her hips, perhaps waiting to see if you have the courage to make the first move.

Jaelyn comes from a world beside the Ninth, from a city in the hollow core, ruled by sixteen underhouses built into the walls. A few decades back, she woke to screams - and not one or two, like you'd get from the lower city from time to time, but hundreds. Shadows were consuming her people and she survived only by passing through the Bloom into the Ninth World. She survives by plying her trade: Torturing people for her employers. After nearly starving through he first year in the Bloom, she realized that her holy work was not appreciated as much as she thought.

One day, while drinking, she spoke to a member of the Endless Gate, mentioning how she believes torture and death are a service to the victims, freeing them from their secrets. She wound up becoming a recruit of the faction afterwards.


Torment Ability Icon 104.png This character has no special interactions.
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