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Lady Anshe
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General data
LocationMiel Avest

Lady Anshe is a character in Torment: Tides of Numenera.


Delicate spiderwebs of metal thread run through her fingers, studded with circular nodes that look too purposeful to be mere jewelry. Lady Anshe is a castoff that has built a great commercial empire for herself. She has come to Miel Avest when she caught wind that the Sorrow was active again, but even here she plies her trade. She does not treat the Last Castoff with any prejudice, though she is aware that he forced open the portal.

As an astute business woman, she will appeal to the Castoff's Tides (perhaps subconsciously recognizing them) to persuade them to buy something or sleep there. She believes that locking the portal was an unnecessary precaution taken by some of the more cautious castoffs. She believes the shields will be enough to protect them. She has brought many numenera with her to sell. Lady Anshe is where companions can upgrade their armor and cloaks. She also offers the player a place to rest (for a fee).


Torment Ability Icon 158.png
This character is a merchant. Sells: Plenty of high-end goods. Notable include Vareth, the other part of the Shadow Ring, Living Exuvia, high end consumables, Stingcharge and Slugspitter, Runic Blade of Tol Danor, and more. She also upgrades your companions' armor:
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This character allows resting.

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Free in the endgame

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This character has other interactions.

She appears in the Calm after the Resonance Chamber is activated, giving you access to a veritable cornucopia of goodies.