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LocationSagus Cliffs

A Levy is a generic character in Torment: Tides of Numenera. They form the city watch of Sagus Cliffs.


This man is large and broad-shouldered, and his steel armor is painted in the silver and indigo colors of Sagus Cliffs. He seems to be an ordinary soldier or constable of the city... too ordinary, perhaps. As you scan his face, you see that his features are plain, forgettable, almost generic. Levies enforce the law and order in Sagus Cliffs, at the discretion of the Council and the Slave Families.

The name is curious, as is their origin. Citizens of Sagus Cliffs are expected to provide levies for the defense of the city: Levies are obtained by the taking a year of life from the citizens and creating one of the levies in the machine installed at the Order of Truth from that year. Levies exist for 313 days (a standard year) before degrading into component charm. As constructs of flesh, they are essentially indistinguishable, though some citizens can usually recognize those created from them - and certain exceptional folk can even tell the different levies apart by subtle differences.

Rumors say that from time to time a levy will go awry, and if they cross the path of the citizen who gave a year of their life to create them, it ends in bloodshed. However, there is no proof of such events, but it holds some truth: a levy can be subject to imperfections. In one such case, a citizen named Finzin was followed by the tormented levy he engendered, because he was haunted by memories from the year the machine took from Finzin.


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