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Lost Anchorage
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LeadersCaptain Janur
Connects toLittle Nihliesh
QuestsMarooned on an Alien Shore
Covetous Hearts
Familiar Skies
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Lost Anchorage is a location in Torment: Tides of Numenera.


An ancient space station orbiting the Ninth World, crewed by lascars, the Anchorage and its crew is locked in a desperate quest to locate their original world... The society that developed in this seclusion is strictly, ruthlessly meritocratic and militaristic. The lascars have been waiting for the vessel to take them home for approximately 10,091 of your years.

The cortex records extend over 10,000 of your years, inherited from its predecessor in this position. In all this time, the people now calling themselves the lascars have crewed this station, and pre-existing records suggest that they were here in a more formal military/servile capacity before the shipping lanes began to close." The original crew of the station has repopulated the station, and their descendants have grown in number. A number of conflicts have arisen over the years - in particular, the Five Cycle Mutiny, the Airlock Debacle, and the Castaway Action. Each of these helped define the current power and familial structure of the existing population. The current structure of the population is strongly based on and influenced by the naval hierarchy of their forebears. They await the coming of another ship to close the station properly and bring them home.

Approximately 15 years ago as you measure time, a transdimensional pathway opened to the station. This was the first contact with other sentient life the inhabitants of this station have had in generations. Trade was established. Jemadar Arechi left the anchorage on a routine supply mission just before the transdimensional portal closed. Accompanying her were lascars Intanduul and Savanol. That portal closed recently, but it has been replaced with the pathway through which you entered.


The heart of the lascar society, manufactured 3,059 cycles ago by the Devabil Combine, with 2,153 cycles remaining. Brought here through a localized dimensional vortex, which has since collapsed, it is powered by a quantum-tunneled intrastitial hovarine matrix - the 'glowing orb'. It interacts with both users and appropriate receptacles to provide observed and recorded historical information, starfield tracking and navigation, observation, and essential starport maintenance. The cortex maintains information regarding exactly 1,097,544 star systems, with detailed information on routes between them, including known transdimensional passages. For every world in each of these star systems, it holds detailed images of their night skies and projected daytime starfields. Additionally, it maintain detailed personnel information for this station, dating back many centuries.

Points of interest[]

  • The station is divided into two distinct halves, the central area and the cortex room. The central area has Captain Janur and the central computer, with a Icon Might small.png Might door sheltering an air lock. It's worth opening it as it has plenty of goodies, including a The Cure cypher and Smart Traveler's Star oddity.
  • In the corridor connecting to the Cortex is Pilot-Major Genjes