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Portrait Matkina.png
General data
RoleFurtive Jack who Murders
TidesRed and Silver
LocationCave of Last Words, Sagus Cliffs
QuestsThe Cold, Calculating Jack
The Right To Exist
StatsIcon Might small.png Might 3
Icon Speed small.png Speed 10 (1 Edge)
Icon Intellect small.png Intellect 7
Max effort: 4
Health: 27
Quick Fingers
Light Weapons
Heavy Weapons
AbilitiesFlex Skill
Infuse Weapon
Trained Without Armor
Amaurotic Wound
Castoff Vitality
Tier 2
Warp Dash
Trained Infiltrator

Matkina is a stealthy jack who murders, and one of the companions in Torment: Tides of Numenera. Also known as the White Death because of her prowess in the art of assassination, she is another of the Changing God's castoffs. Her name means Blood-Dancer and no, she does not like talking about it.


This woman's skin is white - the color of alabaster or fresh ivory. Flat black eyes surrounded by sharply pointed features stare coldly at you. She wears jet-black hair cut straight at the shoulders. Her clothes are functional and drab; her cloak is fastened by a necklace of five canisters, each of different shape.

Matkina was "born" when the Changing God left her body in the Bloom. She is a veteran of the First's Militia and an incredibly talented assassin. She survived the operation that resulted in the destruction of Kholn and the savaging of the Sand Knights, suffering a mind wipe by her associate, Tash.

Since then, she has made her way as a killer and is now the most feared assassin in the Sagus Protectorate - the kind of ally you want with you, rather than against you. Her current focus is trying to figure out how to recover her memories - and, if possible, take vengeance on those responsible for her state.


Torment Ability Icon 007.png
This character is involved in quests.

The Cold, Calculating Jack
The Right To Exist


Behind the scenes[]

  • She is the center of Torment: The Jack's Gambit, a digital comic book about her past.
  • fluffy: next to the Maw, she recognize Walks-without-fear.
    • If you have the Scan Thoughts gives you some extra information.