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Memovira's Courtyard
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General data
Part ofBloom
Connects toVast Interior
Memovira's Fortress
QuestsDracogen's Price
Rumblings of Discontent
Lost Loves
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Memovira's Courtyard is a location in Torment: Tides of Numenera.


Points of interest[]

  • You arrive at the Courtyard after narrowly escaping The Sorrow at Miel Avest. After you are introduced to the Bloom's tremendous intelligence (Icon Intellect small.png Intellect (Concentration) helps get an early boost to respect), you are immediately accosted by Dracogen.
  • Right next to the maw are Delny and Vrung, taking out their frustrations on Qianne. They disappear as soon as you approach, fleeing the scene of the crime.
  • Parsim Flint sells the slaves nearby, with the Bloom-Guide right next to him. You can purchase Coty from him.
  • Brusca stands guard at the entrance to Memovira's Fortress.
  • The obelisk can be interacted with. You can reach into it and pull Sunspot Icon from the mucus (eww) with Icon Speed small.png Speed (Quick Fingers). Reaching into it again triggers a memory (Anamnesis).
  • Waits-for-prey stands in the bone pit to the right.
  • Right by the watering hole is Skaydi and an aneen. The watering hole can be interacted with. If you have Perception, you can notice something in the depths and use Icon Might small.png Might to retrieve a Wading Worm. You can also drink the liquid to gain the Bloom Juiced fettle or collect some for later to gain a Flask of Bloom 'Water'. Note that imbibing juice while already juiced will kill you.
  • And in the lower-right corner, you can interact with the catena to salvage a Hyper-coolant Spray cypher.


Behind the scenes[]

The memory triggered when you reach the sulcus at the pylon for the second time is a possible reference to the cranium rats in Planescape: Torment, a species of psychic rodents whose powers increase with their numbers.