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Miel Avest
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MerchantsLady Anshe
Connects toFirst Castoff's Tomb
QuestsThe Sanctuary of Miel Avest
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Miel Avest is a location in Torment: Tides of Numenera.


Miel Avest is a refuge for Castoffs, constructed by the Changing God and the First Castoff back when they were still on speaking terms. You can find numerous castoffs here, seeking refuge from the danger that is the Sorrow... Refuge among the delicate trees and structures built to last.

Points of interest[]

  • You begin on the teleport platform, greeted by Paj Rakken. After an... Interesting introduction, continue south-east to meet the rest of the castoffs.
  • By the central plaza stands The Chalcedon , with Melmoth Leviarm circling the center.
  • Lady Anshe stands to the side, near a triangular sculpture that you can interact with to enter The Calm (10 shins you can guess how), with Andronus Sandhand and Raima Cyro arguing to the south-east.
  • To the south-east, far south-east, stands the host, Aadiriis.
  • Elkeshai is to the east.
  • You can find an interactable obelisk to the north. It will show you randomly selected visions of castoff lives. You can interact with it repeatedly and eventually gain 8 XP (four times 2 XP), for witnessing the Sorrow's attack and killing of a group of castoffs (eventually it lunges at you, but you're safe) and a message from the Ghostly Woman.