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Monte Cook Games is a company founded by Monte Cook and Shanna Germain following the success of Numenera on Kickstarter, in 2012. Since, they have continuously expanded the Numenera brand and crowndfounded two other games : The Strange in 2013 and No, Thank You, Evil! in 2015.

Numenera and The Strange share the same core game mechanics, the Cypher System. The system even has its own Rulebook. This allow for the mix of contents from differents universes, like presented in When Worlds Collide: Converting Numenera and The Strange.

Key People[]

  • Monte Cook: Founder and Lead Designer on Numenera.
  • Shanna Germain: Co-Founder, Lead Editor and Lead Designer on No Thank You, Evil!.
  • Bruce Cordell: Lead Designer on The Strange.
  • Bear Weiter: Art Director.
  • Charles Ryan: Chief Operating Officer.
  • Tammie Ryan: Customer Service Manager.

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