Naluruses are a mutant race of people that are native to the Ninth World's Earth.


Appearance and Traits

All naluruses are humanoid in appearance, albeit stricken with a deadly kind of hereditary disease. This ancient illness causes them to look stopped and fragile, painting their heads with spirals, geometric shapes, and all other manner of disquieting linework. Unfortunately, the disease that almost killed them is transferrable via sight, begins to experience a rapid and very painful chain reaction, soon after liquifying the victim's brain so that it runs out of their ears, nose, eyes, and mouth as some disgustingly pink fluid.

However, other members of their kind are unaffected when looking at the shapes. In fact, if a nalurus were to look at their reflection while recovering from an injury, the rate at which they heal slightly increases. They have also developed an increased sense of Might as a side effect of their resistance against the disease. [1]

Society and Culture

It is because of their dangerous disease, that all naluruses try to conceal their faces with hoods or masks, especially when in the company of other uninfected humans. As a result of their affliction, whatever can be said of their society encourages knowledge of all things related to toxicology and medicine. Do the otherwise limited perception provided by certain conciliatory headwear, most naluruses will tend to wield unique kind of advanced walking staff which can also be used as a weapon in certain situations. Another consequence of the strain this unknown disease has placed upon the nalurus people is that their cultural outlook has leaned more towards the negative, with even some of their demeanor being seen as gruff or even discourteous. [2]


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