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Navarene is the northernmost kingdom of the Steadfast. It borders the Cloudcrystal Skyfields to the north, Thaemor to the southeast, Draolis to the south, the Sea Kingdom of Ghan to the southwest, and the Black Riage to the east.


Navarene is one of the largest and most prosperous kingdoms in the Steadfast. Disliked by all other lands, the people of Navarene are though of as aloof, difficult, and even arrogant. "Wealthy as a Navarene merchant," is a saying in the steadfast that almost always implied negative connotations.

The southern part of the kingdom is known for its rich farmland. Simple farmers and herders work for wealthy landowners who in turn pay fealty to a small number of aristocratic families, each of whom answers to the queen, who rules from her capital of Charmonde. Her palace is known as the Epiternal House, as at its center is a set of sealed chambers that Queen Armalu never leaves. To come and go, from her court must pass through a series of airlocks and undergo a misting spray that removes any potential contaminants. This odd but careful behavior, couple with a variety of strange treatments and procedures, has allowed Armalu to live for 253 years - so far.

Queen Armalu is known for being both shrewd and ruthless, and her kingdom prospers as a result, for she uses these traits to best her enemies and the foes of her people. As long as her subjects are obedient and efficient, they're treated well and with a fair hand.

Navarene forms the boundary between the north and the rest of the Steadfast. Thus, the northern portion of the kingdom, south of the Tithe River, holds many forts and war-castles that help defend the border from the dangers of the Beyond. Now that the Amber Pope has declared war on the mysterious lands to the north of the Cloudcrystal Skyfields, these fortresses are even more important. Queen Armalu has petitioned the papacy to require the other eight kingdoms to pay to help maintain the bastions. The other rulers balk at funding Navarene's military, feeling that Armalu is as likely to invade them as she is to defend them from the Gaean invaders - should those infidels ever come.[1]




• Fasten

• Harmuth


Other Locations[]

The Golden Sanctum

The Westwood

The Amber Monolith

The Obelisk of the Water God


Dark Whispers:[]

Word from the Garranthol is that the Obelisk of the Water God has begun to glow at night with a faint yellow-green luminosity. No one knows the cause, but the glow isn't constant, some believe it's tied to the moon. Regardless, strange people have been seen holding rituals in the glowing obelisk's light.

Missing Caravan:[]

A merchant in Shallamas is looking for mercenaries or investigators to find a long-overdue caravan that was supposed to arrive from the north. Among its valuable goods, the caravan carried a trio of near-priceless silver statues said to be sacred to a primitive tribe living below the Cloudcrystal Skyfields.

Ghosts of the Westwood:[]

Even the culovas seem terrified of a new, strange presence in the Westwood that drives them from a locale near the southern edge. Lumberjacks say the "green ghosts of the wood" have finally begun exacting their revenge on everything they come upon.



An odd woman walks the edge of the Westwood, telling anyone who listens that within the next 10 years, something will rise out of the forest and devour whole cities. Before she can get much of the story out, she disappears.

Blessed Event:[]

A child born just 2 weeks ago in a small village called Mirbel heals the wounds of any who touch her.

Black Skies:[]

A flock of a 1,000 or more black vessa birds keeps returning to an ancient tower at the land's western edge, no matter what is done to drive them off.

Biosynth Grove:[]

15 miles west of Bodrov grows a small grove of transparent trees made of living synth.[2]


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