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Nebalich is a major city in the land of Seshar.


If there's a haven for civilization in the Beyond, it might be the city of Nebalich. Its king and queen rule justly from their silver and emerald palace that overlooks the sea, royal banners fluttering in the wind. King Falton and Queen Sharanoa, although short, stout, and unattractive by conventional standards, are two of the most loved rulers in the Beyond (and perhaps the Steadfast as well).

Nebalich has approximately 35,000 people and includes a fairly large number of varjellen and even a few lattimors. A maritime city, Nebalich is also the beginning of the canal trade routes. It boasts citadels of white marble and wide plazas filled with bright and noisy markets and festivals.

But like most cities, Nebalich does have its dark side. A group of professional thieves operates out of the community, preying upon the citizenry, the people of the surrounding area, and even the riverboat traders. They call themselves the Yellow Serpent, and chief among them is a man named Diario Mardain, who works not as a thief but as a master assassin. He's an attractive man with platinum hair who utilizes a variety of numenera weapons and tools to accomplish his commissions as efficiently as possible.[1]


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